Tom Tischler has been creating remarkable lost wax bronze sculptures for 28 years.

His inspirationally life-like creations are an asset that will last lifetimes and can be seen in museums and zoos around the world.

Currently, there are many small-scale limited edition pieces available. There are also several life-sized limited edition bronze sculptures available; the latest of which are:

Sculpture Enhances Visitor Satisfaction

Fine art enriches your zoo's environment.  The addition of a piece to your zoo's grounds demonstrates your organizations care and resolve to improve ambiance.  It speaks of an appreciation for art and culture.  It also represents your zoo's attitude towards animals; that they are held in esteem, that they are worthy subjects to be immortalized for the enjoyment of generations of the public.

You can see the positive response children have to these sculptures.  They provide children with the opportunity to pretend they are having direct physical contact with the animals. We all desire this contact but unfortunately it is not practical.  Most of us just can't go around hugging real gorillas or tigers.

Through interacting with these sculptures, people of all ages, especially children, develop a growing affinity for the animal species portrayed.  Visitors frequently comment upon seeing a piece. "Oh, I love tigers!" or "Gorillas are my favorite."  This affinity may grow into a deeper interest and an appreciation of their plight.  This promotes a positive attitude towards supporting conservation efforts.  It is a short step from saying, "I love tigers" to saying "I want to see them protected"

These sculptures also serve a direct educational purpose.  They communicate information about the animal's size, character, anatomy, behavior and typical postures. People come away from interacting with the sculpture intuitively knowing more about the animal.

"Hands on"  bronze sculptures provide a focal point for photo opportunities. The bronzes are always on display, willing to pose (and they hold very still). They have a magnetic like attraction for children. They are likely to be among the most successful photos the average visitor will shoot at the zoo.  Family photos then become reminders of happy times at the zoo and encourages repeat visitation.

Sculpture Attracts More Zoo Sponsorship

In reality, very few sculptures are purchased directly by zoos. It is far more likely that a sponsor will purchase the piece for the zoo. Bronze sculptures are high profile, affordable projects that are appealing to both individual and corporate sponsors.  Bronze sculptures really are value for money.  An investment in bronze will be more conspicuous, longer lasting and have greater impact, especially in terms of visitor satisfaction, than an equivalent investment in exhibit or facility upgrades.  This makes sculptures very attractive to prospective sponsors.

When your zoo purchases a bronze sculpture, two bronze scale study models are provided: one copy for your zoo, and one copy for the sponsor.  Sponsors need to be recognized for their contribution. What better way to show your appreciation than with a bronze casting of the maquette? 

Friends and peers of existing sponsors have been shown to be most likely to become new sponsors. The bronze maquette will be treasured and displayed in sponsor's homes or offices. It becomes a conversation piece, affording an opportunity for the sponsor to extol the virtues of the zoo and take pride in their support.  This promotes sponsorship of the zoo within the community at exactly the right level, with the peers or existing sponsors.

A Great Sponsor Recognition Program

It is never too late to recognize sponsorship and hence encourage further support. Even if a sponsor has supported your zoo in other ways, sculpture makes a great gift.  Many small sculptures are available from Tom Tischler to your zoo at wholesale prices to aid in sponsor recognition programs.